Let me be vague

It would probably help if I explained a bit about the story I’m writing, as that way my general statements about it might make a bit more sense. Or not. So I’m contemplating posting the prologue under a password, and then if people really want to read it, they can ask for the dammed password, lol.

Things that may make you decide whether or not you want to read it:

  • I’ve mentioned before that my current story is ‘weird west’, set in the late 1800s. Basically it’s a really messed up historical fantasy.
  • It’s just world building; no sex or violence in the prologue!
  • Rough draft version. In fact, I haven’t as yet actually written it; it’s partially in my head and partially from bits of the story so far (exposition is terrible and I am addicted to it).
  • Do not expect polish. Do expect grandiose declarations, boring facts, and missing information.

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