July 2015 Camp Nano Wrap Up

I’m really glad I gave the camp nano a whirl; last year my anxiety had me backing out within days. I couldn’t write, no matter what I tried.

This year, probably because I wasn’t really even thinking about it, I managed to do it! Yay me! It was surprisingly easy to fall into the habit of daily writing outside of November; maybe all those years of writing frantically for one month a year have finally paid off? Maybe I can now, really and truly, write more often? I’m almost afraid to hope.

I do have to say, though, next time I’m going to compile my words a little more carefully. Because I get to use a computer at work, I wrote on my lunches, but I frequently forgot to email the bits to myself, which made counting up my words for the official word validation a bit difficult. (My work pc sucks, it can’t load Google Drive or most videos). I was ‘off’ by a couple of hundred words. Poor me had to write more. Such hardship!

I have hopes for August, though it’ll have to be an even lower word count. I have a week’s vacation where I’ll be forced to socialize and drink copious amounts of alcohol, and be fed free food, in exchange for spending time with family in the boonies*, but if I want to write, it’ll have to be time stolen.

For the next few days, I plan to do a bit more fine tuning of the outline, organizing the bits more clearly, sort of writing housework. I also hope to complete more posts for the blog, so I can have stuff ready for when I want to post something on the fly.


*It’s actually not as bad as it used to be. They have internet, and two coffee shops now! Same number of bars, though.


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