Camp nano update – July 26th

I shouldn’t be blogging, as yesterday I wrote a tonne of words (over 2k) and bumped my wordcount up to 22,665, so only 2,335 left!

So close, I should be writing. If I get enough, I could be ‘done’ tomorrow.

Done the camp, that is. Not the story. I’ve probably written a quarter of the story.

This is usually were I get depressed (so much still to write), but as I haven’t quite burnt out yet, I am thinking that maybe, I could keep writing. I’m just not used to not having a Reason to write. Personal satisfaction has never been a huge motivation. There’s also all the other story ideas racing about in my head, which makes writing this one a bit harder. I want to steal time to work on other things. Maybe I could write a scene to each different story, lol; it should only take the rest of my life to finish them all that way.

Going to go write now. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

UPDATE: I’m now at 24,145. Going to stop now while my brain is still functional, lol.


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