The Plot Thickens

EDIT: This was meant to be posted before the update, my bad.


The early middle section of my camp nano novel had come to a bit of standstill. No huge worries, as I could skip to later sections (which is were more of the action is, and less setup). And I have been skipping, but my brain kept niggling at that middle part.

It started at the point I’d mentioned previously, where a basic scene was wrecking some MCs. I’d found a fix that made them able to continue to do what they have to do without being terrible people, but it was still just a concept in my head, rather than a full scene.

Yesterday July20th the full scene arrived. It now involves entirely new characters, new interactions, a brand new chapter to be shoved somewhere in the early part of the story, and lots more writing. This is all good, except for one thing.

The entire opening now has to be revised, as the new scenes work a lot better than the current ones. And one doesn’t just ‘revise’ during nanowrimo (though lots of people do camp nano just for rewrites and editing, I am not one of them). I still have to get the whole thing written. Somehow.

So I have to make notes about the revisions I want to try out. I also have to not write them right now. I have to move on to the next scene. Because


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