Gotta blog

One of my biggest pet peeves about my own blogs over the years is that I never posted enough, and never in enough detail (with one exception, had to do with extra levels of crap going on in my life long ago). It’s hard to remember exactly what I felt even a week ago; trying to recapture a feeling from years ago is a lot harder. Trying to remember why I was stressed out in April 2009 when all I posted was ‘I hate it when this happens! Arrgh!’ is futile.

And yet when I sit down to blog, I remember exactly why I didn’t go into all that much detail. Who the hell wants to read me whining? Well, me, of course, years later, but besides that? Nobody!

I do promise to try and keep up with the daily updates during any nano, though. Then, years from now, I can go back and look, and think, ‘oh yeah, I remember that now!’. Which is really the whole point. Anything else, including keeping friends updated on what the hell I do with my time, is a bonus.


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