Coasting along

It’s important to mention when I’m doing well with my anxiety. Otherwise you might think the meds aren’t working.

I’m doing well right now. Life in general is good; I’m not worrying over anything much, I’ve got food, shelter, the bills are mostly covered, I won’t have to deal with ThatAnnoyingAsshat* for at least a week, and my friends are mostly doing okay**.

On the writing front, my camp nano novel is going well (I could skip a couple of days if I had to), I’ve got a bunch of partially written drafts for the blog, and I’m feeling good about my output; it’s not all crap! Huzzah!

So I am okay today.



*doesn’t everyone have one of these?

**I’m a little worried about one comrade; fingers are crossed for her!

3 thoughts on “Coasting along

  1. ….Is that cat in a toilet?

    I’m glad you’re doing well–and yay keep writing! (really, I’m reading these with interest)–but the cat…is it in a toilet bowl? Is the cat a turd? Little turd! (This said in an annoying voice with finger pointed at the cat on my screen.)

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