Camp nano update 17 – 19th

Friday I wrote nothing. I had stuff in my brain, but no will to write.

Saturday I waited till late, about 9pm, to write, because the stuff in my head wasn’t working with the story. I spent an hour trying to force it out, but it wasn’t flowing. So I took a metaphorical step back, and reminded myself that I could go to a different scene. I peeked at my outline, saw where I was supposed to end up next, and started writing there.

And ran into a stumbling block.

The scene, as I had it in my head, was rather vague on many points. As I was writing it, I realized that if I kept it up, one of my three MCs would in fact be an incredible asshole, and another would be untrustworthy if she listened to him. The problem is, he’s not an asshole and she’s very trustworthy, but I still need them to do what they are going to do. So after floundering for a few hundred words I gave up, and went to bed.

Today, I have worked it out. I need to shift things, readjust certain details so that one MC has freedom to make certain choices, and the other MC is more naive than asshole. Now I just have to write it!

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