It doesn’t really glitter, to be honest

I’ve done many personality tests over the years, but the one I like best is the True Colors one. I haven’t found a good online version that I liked, but you can get the basic PDF here, which has the very simple test and a description of what each colour means.

I’ve included a pic below, though, just for the hell of it.

Me: Green 17 — Blue 16 — Gold 11 — Orange 6

Though the test is designed so that you can’t really have ties between two colours, my own results show that I’m fairly even between two of them, followed Gold and a smidge of Orange.

I kinda thought ‘well, duh’ about the Green Blue, because it was fairly obvious to me, but having so much Gold and so little Orange upset me when I first did the test.  I pictured Gold as being those conservative, hidebound people I couldn’t stand. In my mental picture of myself, I yearned to be daring and adventurous. I saw Orange people as having something I wanted, and if only I could just master my introverted nature and anxiety disorder, I could do it.


Well. The reality is that all that Gold is what keeps me from leaping from anxiety attack to anxiety attack. It gives me the foundation to be innovative and creative and caring. If I had more Orange I’m not sure I’d be able to function. So I’ve learnt to be fond of the Gold parts of me, because they’re the bits that keep me functional, calm, creative, and also employable.

3 thoughts on “It doesn’t really glitter, to be honest

  1. Telomere says:

    I always thought of myself as a kind of green/gold sort of person. In reality (after doing this test at least 5 times with different groups) I’m SUPERSUPERSUPER blue, and then orange. The blue makes sense to me now, and I finally figured out the the orange and lack of gold was mostly due to taking the test during times when I was kind of burnt out and hating my secretarial job.


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