Anxiety Perk #1

For all of the crap that comes with having an anxiety disorder, there are some bright sides too.

Perk #1 – You Keep Really Good Notes

There’s a bit of a nightmare scenario for anxious writers like me; you come up with a great story idea, the characters are interesting, the plot rocks along beautifully, and you just know this story is going to be awesome. But you don’t have time just then to put it down (you’re driving/working/etc) so you try and hold it in your head. And then you get distracted, as life presents you with all sorts of shiny distractions and worries. And by the time you can remember to write about it, the majority of it gone, faded away and left you holding the scraps of The Best Idea Evah.

This fear is fuel for excellent note taking. I write emails to myself from my phone if I have nothing else available. I have detailed lists and charts that I keep on my computer, and Google Drive. I do short paragraph descriptions of the story idea (I’ve learnt the dangers that overly precise outlines hold for me). I have character sketches, short scene snippets, photos and art taken from the internet that fit the story; in other words, I will acquire a huge amount of data so that the story won’t be lost.


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