Camp Nano update – July 15th

Still chugging along, it’s going surprisingly well. Having a lower word goal is tremendously helpful; I feel awesome when I pass the daily amount I need to finish in time, lol.

14,616/25,000. Woot woot! It’s also become a comfort for me, as the end goal is so attainable, and I can turn to my writing for comfort. (Note: derailment time!)

Nothing too big and bad, just an argument with a coworker; they did their damnedest to wreck my copier (I am in charge of all the printers and copiers! Grrr! Protective of my charges, I am.) and when I snarked at them they got incredibly huffy, which pissed me off. Then they did their best to jam it up with whatever the hell they were copying and I had to take the time to fix it.

Yes, I’m a bit of an asshole. I can acknowledge that. But in my defense, said coworker is the worst when it comes to dealing with technology, but refuses to listen to anyone about how to work it right. And it’s never *their* fault stuff won’t work right; someone else must have changed the settings!!!!

Work tiffs are stressful. This camp nano writing is incredibly non-stressful. So I kept wanting to write instead of working, which was difficult to manage. I admit I spent a minute looking at kitty pictures on the internet for the sake of my sanity. (Go google ‘cute kittens’, it’s awesome!)

Tomorrow (or today, rather) I’ll have to apologize** (for being mean, not for being wrong), and not because I have to to keep my job*, but because I was actually mean. I hate it when I snap at people, mostly because it means I’m not in control of myself (and being out of control is one of my anxiety triggers). Fun times.

On the plus side, I’m now going to jot down some notes for a future post about anger issues and anxiety.


*The office manager thought the whole thing was funny, when I explained what happened (I made sure to mention that I said mean things, as I wanted to be fair) and that an apology for being mean would be good enough for keeping the peace. Manager has the fun of removing all the viruses said coworker downloads on a weekly basis, which might make the Manager slightly biased.

**Update: apology was accepted!


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