Perspective is a wonderful thing.

It’s too bad that in order to gain perspective, one often has to do everything wrong first. Except, sometimes it isn’t that you did anything wrong, but that you’ve made tremendous changes in who you are, and others can’t cope.

In the process of writing about finding NaNoWriMo in 2005 (because I might as well start in the beginning, right?) I had to dig through old journal entries and wow, there was a lot of depressing stuff in my life at the time. So I’m processing that, trying to find words and also dealing with a bit of a funk as I recall just how downhill things were going in 2005, and how much worse they were going to get in 2006.

I can’t believe I forgot how shitty 2005/2006 was!

So those posts are going to take a bit more thinking on as I put them together. I may be a bit slower to post stuff for the next few days.


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