templates, templates, everywhere!

I’m not really in love with this template; it gives me 80% of what I want, but isn’t quite right (in terms of looks). I don’t like how big the titles of the posts are. I’m not fond of the fonts. And I hate the fact that one has to shell out money for basic fixes, or else decamp to a hosted WP, which allows for more options. Again, shelling out money (I know, some hosts are really cheap, but I’ve only been doing this blog for a handful of days, that’s not enough to justify spending money on it!)

This is one area where I prefer blogger. The free templates and ability to modify them are amazing in comparison. However, I like the wordpress reader, I use it every dammed day, so that’s why I’m here (convenience is everything).

Argh. This is the sort of thing that will nag my brain until I fix it, so expect to see a few different looks over the next week or two.


One thought on “templates, templates, everywhere!

  1. x934z says:

    Yeah, I tossed up between WP and Blogger too. I ended up going for Blogger because it allows a whole blog to be private, instead of having to remember to set every post.

    I’m pretty sure I managed to change the background on my WP blog, and I sure didn’t pay anything for that. But they might have changed their rules since then.

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