NaNo confession #1

I’ve done NaNo now since 2005, and ever year except once (2009) I’ve reached 50k words and been a ‘winner’.

But here’s my confession: except for the first one, I’ve never actually finished the entire novel. I’ll write a brief summary paragraph and I’m done, even though the story isn’t.

My 2005 novel eventually reached ~120k words, and is more or less complete, as a first rough draft. I’ve never read through it, and I actually lost it for a couple of years, moving from computer to computer.

I tried reading it last year, but it was so rough and in need of so many fixes, I stopped and left it alone again.

2 thoughts on “NaNo confession #1

  1. x934z says:

    I admire how much writing you do even if it’s not finished! Mine’s dribbled off to buggerall. Except for blog and email comments, that is. 😛

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