First posts are the hardest

Welcome! Though at this point I’m only talking to myself, I at least can be welcoming to myself. Very woo woo.

Anyway, I’ve been finding that I really need a place to vent about things that affect my writing, as well as needing a place where I can congratulate myself on my achievements.

A little background. I’ve been writing for years now, but my anxiety has made me stumble time and again. Don’t ask to see my published work, because there isn’t any. The concept of actually publishing is so far outside of my comfort zone it isn’t funny.

Writing, the literal act of typing out the words, or setting them onto paper with a pen doesn’t trigger my anxiety, which is good because otherwise I’d be really frustrated. It comes out in other areas. It means I rarely finish a work. Editing scares me. Rewriting is the final frontier, so far on the horizon that I am ignoring it for now.

So I’m finally, FINALLY, giving myself space to cope with this. To write out my thoughts and see if I can puzzle my way through my anxiety to finishing a story. The rest of it, well, baby steps.


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