anxiety really sucks

I have an anxiety disorder. I take meds for it. I worry about stupid things, and get, hahah, anxious about things that make no sense to get anxious about. This is the ordinary, day-to-day life I have.

Adding writing to this is both easy and frustrating. I love to write. So long as I stay within the limitations that my anxiety has set, I can do it. Unfortunately, sometimes these limitations lead to procrastination and a complete lack of words.

Things that my anxiety makes scary/difficult:

  • finishing a story
  • starting a new story
  • editing and rewriting
  • letting people read what I’ve written
  • reading what I’ve written

Over the years, I’ve discovered things that help with these, like the comforting ritual of prepping for, and doing, NaNoWriMo. Other times I just have to push at a boundary. Like doing this blog.

Maybe if I can get the words together to express what is exactly holding me back, I can figure out ways to deal with each issue. Fingers crossed.


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