Let me be vague

It would probably help if I explained a bit about the story I’m writing, as that way my general statements about it might make a bit more sense. Or not. So I’m contemplating posting the prologue under a password, and then if people really want to read it, they can ask for the dammed password, lol.

Things that may make you decide whether or not you want to read it:

  • I’ve mentioned before that my current story is ‘weird west’, set in the late 1800s. Basically it’s a really messed up historical fantasy.
  • It’s just world building; no sex or violence in the prologue!
  • Rough draft version. In fact, I haven’t as yet actually written it; it’s partially in my head and partially from bits of the story so far (exposition is terrible and I am addicted to it).
  • Do not expect polish. Do expect grandiose declarations, boring facts, and missing information.

Time on my hands

Having finished July Nano, and taking time to figure some writerly stuff out, I’m finding myself kinda bored, lol. The lack of normal post-nano burnout feels strange.

I should be writing more blog posts, but it seems weird to write them without actually being actively engaged in my main writing project. Hmmm. Shall have to think more on that. And write posts anyway.

I’m also going to cut the ‘vacation’ short; tomorrow, I’ll start writing again. Tonight, I go to bed early. Gonna need the energy.

July 2015 Camp Nano Wrap Up

I’m really glad I gave the camp nano a whirl; last year my anxiety had me backing out within days. I couldn’t write, no matter what I tried.

This year, probably because I wasn’t really even thinking about it, I managed to do it! Yay me! It was surprisingly easy to fall into the habit of daily writing outside of November; maybe all those years of writing frantically for one month a year have finally paid off? Maybe I can now, really and truly, write more often? I’m almost afraid to hope.

I do have to say, though, next time I’m going to compile my words a little more carefully. Because I get to use a computer at work, I wrote on my lunches, but I frequently forgot to email the bits to myself, which made counting up my words for the official word validation a bit difficult. (My work pc sucks, it can’t load Google Drive or most videos). I was ‘off’ by a couple of hundred words. Poor me had to write more. Such hardship!

I have hopes for August, though it’ll have to be an even lower word count. I have a week’s vacation where I’ll be forced to socialize and drink copious amounts of alcohol, and be fed free food, in exchange for spending time with family in the boonies*, but if I want to write, it’ll have to be time stolen.

For the next few days, I plan to do a bit more fine tuning of the outline, organizing the bits more clearly, sort of writing housework. I also hope to complete more posts for the blog, so I can have stuff ready for when I want to post something on the fly.


*It’s actually not as bad as it used to be. They have internet, and two coffee shops now! Same number of bars, though.

Camp nano update – July 26th

I shouldn’t be blogging, as yesterday I wrote a tonne of words (over 2k) and bumped my wordcount up to 22,665, so only 2,335 left!

So close, I should be writing. If I get enough, I could be ‘done’ tomorrow.

Done the camp, that is. Not the story. I’ve probably written a quarter of the story.

This is usually were I get depressed (so much still to write), but as I haven’t quite burnt out yet, I am thinking that maybe, I could keep writing. I’m just not used to not having a Reason to write. Personal satisfaction has never been a huge motivation. There’s also all the other story ideas racing about in my head, which makes writing this one a bit harder. I want to steal time to work on other things. Maybe I could write a scene to each different story, lol; it should only take the rest of my life to finish them all that way.

Going to go write now. Tomorrow will take care of itself.

UPDATE: I’m now at 24,145. Going to stop now while my brain is still functional, lol.